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Joining the ICAT Multi Academy Trust

The benefits of working with ICAT are far-reaching. We are values-driven, with the outcomes of children central to our organisation. 


Expert guidance, professional support and strong collaborative working practices achieve the best possible results for our academy members.


Why are we different?


  • every ICAT school maintains its individuality

  • we provide access to excellent bespoke support packages

  • we implement excellent tried and tested management systems and procedures

  • our key staff have an excellent track record in delivering school-to-school support, with strong mentoring and coaching

  • providing the best possible educational, social and health outcomes for all our pupils

  • developing capacity and reach across the Trust

  • a strong focus on effective governance at all levels within the Trust


Above all, we work together as a community of learners to achieve excellence for our children.

Retaining your Schools Autonomy

We understand that special schools are unique places and take pride in their identity. ICAT strongly believe that the culture and ethos of each academy in the Trust should be recognised, celebrated and maintained.


Individual character


We ensure that every academy maintains its own individuality. The 'non-negotiable' values held by the Trust are aligned to systems and procedures for efficiency and economies of scale; we do not have a ‘one size’ fits all approach to our schools.


Academies retain their own uniform, name, logo, motto, school day and term times. As a member of the Interaction and Communication Academy Trust, all we ask is for recognition on signage and stationery. 

Pathways to Outstanding

5 Key Areas: Aspiring Leaders, Teachers, Support Staff, Administration, Directors & Local Governors

In our Multi Academy Trust we place great emphasis on developing staff to become outstanding practitioners supported by a team of experts across the Academy Trust. We will tailor the development to match your specific needs.

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