Joining the ICAT Multi Academy Trust

The benefits of working with ICAT are far-reaching. We are values-driven, with the outcomes of children central to our organisation. 


Expert guidance, professional support and strong collaborative working practices achieve the best possible results for our academy members.


Why are we different?


  • every ICAT school maintains its individuality

  • we provide access to excellent bespoke support packages

  • we implement excellent tried and tested management systems and procedures

  • our key staff have an excellent track record in delivering school-to-school support, with strong mentoring and coaching

  • providing the best possible educational, social and health outcomes for all our pupils

  • developing capacity and reach across the Trust

  • a strong focus on effective governance at all levels within the Trust


Above all, we work together as a community of learners to achieve excellence for our children.

Retaining your Schools Autonomy

We understand that special schools are unique places and take pride in their identity. ICAT strongly believe that the culture and ethos of each academy in the Trust should be recognised, celebrated and maintained.


Individual character


We ensure that every academy maintains its own individuality. The 'non-negotiable' values held by the Trust are aligned to systems and procedures for efficiency and economies of scale; we do not have a ‘one size’ fits all approach to our schools.


Academies retain their own uniform, name, logo, motto, school day and term times. As a member of the Interaction and Communication Academy Trust, all we ask is for recognition on signage and stationery. 

Pathways to Outstanding

5 Key Areas: Aspiring Leaders, Teachers, Support Staff, Administration, Directors & Local Governors

In our Multi Academy Trust we place great emphasis on developing staff to become outstanding practitioners supported by a team of experts across the Academy Trust. We will tailor the development to match your specific needs.

Aspiring Leaders

For those who aspire to leadership roles there is a clear pathway from NQT through Middle Leadership to Senior Leadership. We offer bespoke coaching, mentoring, accredited training and provide opportunities to lead projects in schools across the Trust.

"From starting at Castle Hill School as an NQT in 2013 to now being an Assistant Principal at High Park School, the ongoing support and guidance I have received has been remarkable. Over the years I have been very privileged to be given various opportunities to develop my professional skills and knowledge whilst being nurtured yet challenged to always strive for the best. When Castle Hill School joined High Park in the Multi Academy Trust this opened another door for me, initially building links with the school before becoming successful in gaining my new role. I am now continuing the links between the schools in the Trust, whilst gaining the necessary skills for future possibilities. I am truly grateful for the continued support I receive and am excited about what the future might hold."
Rachel McCusker, Assistant Principal, High Park School.


Within ICAT we provide opportunities to work in a variety of settings with learners between the ages of 3-19 with a range of special educational needs and disabilities. There is the opportunity to specialise in any appropriate field and we will support your development to become a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE).

"Since becoming part of the ICAT I’ve had fantastic opportunities to support my professional development. I have spent time at Castle Hill School sharing best practise and developing my knowledge of other aspects of SEND teaching. I have also completed the Bradford Emerging Leaders and Aspiring Female Leadership courses last year. Due to my professional development on both courses I have gone on to become a Middle Leader at High Park and as a result I am now a Specialist Leader of Education, specialising in Autism and Early Years. Accessing bespoke training to prepare for my role as an SLE has been crucial and I am incredibly thankful for the strong and ongoing support I receive. "
Gaynor Howden, Teacher and Specialist Leader of Education, High Park School

"Since joining a supportive school like Milton, opportunities for professional development and potential career advancement have opened up. The freedom to drive a curriculum area over the past couple of years has been liberating and the challenges that will stem from my new role as Maths Leader are very exciting. Since Milton School have joined ICAT I have gone on to join the Emerging Leaders Programme. The expertise and support offered as part of the Emerging Leaders course from Gill Robinson, and the other facilitators, will prove invaluable not only in making this new role a success, but in establishing the foundations for success in my career in the future."
Alan Brown, Teacher and Maths Leader, Milton School

Support Staff

We recognise and value the role of support staff in supporting all our learners to achieve their full potential. Within ICAT we can provide you with opportunities to work in a variety of settings with learners between the ages of 3-19 with a range of special educational needs and disabilities. We can support your development within the Trust for example moving in to more senior support roles or Qualified Teacher Status.

"My association with ICAT began when I was studying for my undergraduate degree and had a part-time cleaning job at an ICAT school. While nearing the end of my degree I was encouraged by employees of the Trust to apply to become a supply educational teaching assistant (ETA), which then led to me applying for a substantive role. As an ETA I discovered a multitude of work related subjects that drew my interest and prompted me to learn more. This hunger for information was encouraged by members of the school's senior leadership team and was acknowledged, alongside my skills within the classroom, with an offer to train as a higher level teaching assistant (HLTA). My passion for the school, combined with the support of the school and Academy Trust, has culminated in me returning to University to study a postgraduate degree in Special Education. I personally feel a lot of gratitude to those individuals who recognised my passion and have helped to cultivate my skills by supporting my choices and offering chances to improve on my practice."
Antony Morris, HLTA, Castle Hill School

Business Support and Administration

We recognise that the smooth running of the Academies within the Trust relies on our Business Support and Administrative teams. Whether you are a volunteer, cleaner, finance officer, I.T. technician or any other member of the business support team we can offer you professional development opportunities across the Trust.

"While working for ICAT I have been given many new and exciting opportunities.  I have been able to successfully apply to become a Specialist Leader in Education (SLE) through support from my Principal and the trust.  The knowledge and experience I have gained through academy conversion and working with other schools in the trust will allow me to develop my skills further."
Jane Rawson, High Park School, Business Manager

Governors and Directors

Becoming a member of the ICAT governance team provides opportunities to work with talented, likeminded individuals in order to support the delivery of an outstanding education for all ICAT learners. Specialist training is available to support you in your role.

"My personal and professional development has benefited greatly from my association with ICAT - both as a current Director of the ICAT Board and as a former Governor at Castle Hill.  In addition to specific training on issues such as safeguarding, recruitment and data protection, I have learned so much by working with colleagues on the Board who come from diverse professional backgrounds across the public and private sectors.  There's a lot to learn and a lot of information to take on board in this role, but I have always felt fully supported by the ICAT team. "
Dr. Sue White, Chair of Directors