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About Us

The ICAT specialises in meeting the educational needs of children and young people aged 3-19 with a range of learning difficulties. We are a family of schools who are led by our Trust Members and Board of Directors, to blend the best educational and therapeutic practice. Our team approach ensures we work closely with families, carers and a wide multi-professional team to identify and meet all the needs of our young people.

We hope that the information you find on our website proves to inform you about the work which we carry out in our region so that our pupils and those in other special and mainstream schools access the best education and receive the best support they can.

As a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) we hope to provide the best possible education and offer exciting learning opportunities to all our students. We want to develop our pupils so that they can experience education that meets their individual needs making learning relevant and purposeful. All our students are individuals and we make it our quest to provide the right opportunities for them at the right time so that each and every student excels.

We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that our students are prepared for adult life in whatever shape this takes. We want them to be confident and happy and make their own contributions to society.

Our core principle is to delegate responsibility to the leaders in our academies ensuring that they have the support necessary to be effective in everything that they do.

We want to ensure that each and every one of us working in and across our academies is held to account to continually improve what we do and to maximise educational opportunity for all students, staff and volunteers.

Developing our staff is another of the MAT's core duties and every member of staff is offered a personalised training package to acquire new skills in order to meet the needs of our ever-changing student population.


The relationship with the student's parents and carers is crucial for success and we invest time and resources into making sure that they are an integral part of the work that we do in the academies. Offering training to our parents and carers is part of our day-to-day delivery of excellence.

The Trust Members, Directors and Local Governance Boards are the central link in the work which is undertaken in the MAT .


  • ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

  • support the CEO and the Principals in order to provide the best educational and social outcomes for our students

  • oversee the financial performance of the academies and make sure that the money is spent on support which the students require

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