We will make a difference by:
• establishing and securing a partnership with like-minded schools
• continuously building capacity by sharing all our resources
• widening and developing the talent within the Trust so that we ‘grow our own talent’

We will support you with:

• continuous professional development which is bespoke to your Academy
• accredited training delivered in house by Higher Education Institution and Teaching School providers
• system leaders support eg National Leaders of Education, Local Leaders of Education, Special Leaders of Education and National Leaders of Governance
• growing our own leaders within the Trust
• research informed practice
• direct links with the Department of Education via the CEO
• professional development at all levels
• post graduate opportunities
• leadership support at all levels
• collaboration between the Academies in the Trust

What can we offer you that is better than what you have at the moment?

The CEO Gill Robinson OBE was a headteacher for 25 years. She presently works with many schools across 6 different Local Authorities. She is the Vice Chair of the Teaching Schools Council and a National Leader of Education. If you make the decision to join ICAT the following will be available to you:

• internal opportunities will be made available across the trust

• the diversity of learning for our pupils is constantly changing. The Trust is able to write job descriptions to meet the pupils’ needs being creative and innovative. We appoint the people with the right skills set

• our Trust is geographically diverse which provides opportunities for local hubs to be developed therefore serving the local needs of each academy whilst remaining under the Trust

• the Teaching School offers bespoke training and development at all levels and is part of a local and national special schools network which promotes the education of all pupils with SEND

• the Trust will offer in-house Peer Reviews and support with the preparation for Ofsted Inspections

• the Trust will provide you with the autonomy to develop your school and to keep its own identity whilst being supported by the Trust. Your pupils are your pupils

• will provide you with effective Governance Training and support and your meeting will be professionally led and monitored by an experienced clerk

• we will provide you with School Direct trainees so that you can develop your own teachers